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Organizational Competencies

In the construction industry, delivering great value to clients requires significant investment in back office infrastructure. It is the people, systems and processes in the the back office that make the job at the workface go smoothly, productively and timely. At Big J, we call this Seamless.

Organizational Competencies

From Safety to Information Technology, all of the efforts of Big J employees are focused on giving clients great value and service.

Project Support from Start to Finish

What happens at the workface is the end result of extensive administrative planning and execution invisible to the customer. But the quality of systems, processes and people determine how the construction itself flows.

  • Safety comes first. Every job is planned with safety as the first consideration.
  • Estimating determines the success of the job. Big J's full time estimating team start the job right and follow it carefully all the way to turnover.
  • Scheduling is the CENTER through which job information flows. Setting up and monitoring jobs daily keeps things on track.
  • Contracts Administration makes sure we fully understand our obligations to the client and that everyone involved follows through on their commitments.
  • Human Resources makes sure the right talent is at the right place at the right time and with the right skills.
  • Information Technology makes sure everyone who needs project information has it when they need it.
  • Finance and Accounting makes sure the financial and indemnification resources are in place to see the job successfully through to completion

From its home town roots, the Big J Leadership Team is working hard to create a world class company, bringing highly skilled people and sophisticated systems and processes together to meet the needs of our customers. We know the pressure on our clients to continuously improve, to cut costs and increase productivity is intense. Big J is taking a leadership role in the construction industry with our Seamless philosophy and initiatives.

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